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Duncan Coffee

On August 12, 1918, H. Mills Duncan fired up the roasters for the Duncan Coffee Company’s first batch of coffee. Duncan had developed special coffee blends which were initially sold exclusively to the finest restaurants, hotels and railroad dining cars. His commitment, quality and freshness soon had the attention of coffee drinkers across the nation. Today, four generations later, H. Mills Duncan IV continues in the footsteps of his great-grandfather. Armed with the same commitment to quality and freshness, along with time honored blends, Duncan Coffee Company proudly offers its fresh-roasted coffees for your enjoyment. 

Operating under strict taste and quality guidelines, an expert team of coffee tasters carefully selects and grades the coffee during various stages of production. We only purchase the top 3% of Arabica beans from around the world to ensure quality. Each order is custom-roasted upon receipt and shipped out within hours. 

I guarantee the freshness and quality of each order.